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About Us

The UK government digital service standard courses

Master the user research skills that make user researchers so valuable. 

Become a professional, credible and effective user researcher in government.

Government specialists

We are government specialists educators.

Our courses are based on government digital service standards and we offer courses to the next generation of user-centred design professionals and leaders.

Government digital service standards

Our courses could help you gain skills that employers value most specially in the UK Government and improve your career prospects​. 

Discovery, alpha, beta and live phases

Our tutors are experienced and qualified professionals who have worked with public sector organisations at all stages of the project lifecycle: discovery, alpha, beta and live.

We research and design services that meet the Service Standard and, while we're there, coach civil servants in user research, service design, content design and agile delivery.

Digital transformation programmes

The UK Government has been going through digital transformation for more than 10 years and it still lagging behind the private sector. Digital transformation is the process of using information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency, transparency, and security of public as well as private institutions, enabling them to better meet the needs of citizens and businesses.

It aims to transform services, deliver world-class technology, and attract and retain the best digital talent and opportunities.  It aims to build the foundations for a better and more productive economy and society. Digital transformation will make accessing public services far quicker and simpler. 


Delivering this relies on having fast and efficient digital systems, high quality data and highly skilled digital experts and user-centred design specialist teams working across government.

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